The scalp above all


Perte cheveux enfants

Hair loss in children

Like adults, children can suffer hair loss. It should be noted that Trichology offers solutions for most of these hair losses. In some cases the fall is temporary and...
Cheveux style et sante

My hair, my style, my health

<strong>My hair, my style, my health</strong> If most of us regularly go to the salon for a shampoo, a haircut and maybe something more colourful, it is essentially for...
Additifs soin des cheveux

Hair care: Ingredients to avoid

What’s in your shampoo? While we are often encouraged to monitor the additives in our diet, this is not yet the case for hair care products. And yet, their...
Cheveux et pellicules

Getting rid of dandruff

Dandruff: Getting rid of it for good Your hair is one of your most beautiful assets. So when dandruff appears on your hair and clothes, don’t let these flakes...
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