A healthy scalp
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Hair conditions

Whatever the state of your hair or your scalp, your Térapo MédikTM expert will be able to give you answers and to provide solutions for the most common hair and scalp conditions.

Select any of the topics below to find out more. Your Térapo Médik expert will be able to give you a fact sheet on the topic of your choice.

In order to treat the most common hair problems, it is important to understand how the appearance of your hair depends on the health of your scalp. Whether you have oily or dry hair, a dandruff problem or if you are losing more hair than usual, for example, a hair problem is often the symptom of an imbalance of the scalp. At Terapo Medik, we use trichology to study hair disorders and infections. With our proven methods and by using 100% natural active ingredients, we can provide you with solutions that will restore the balance of your scalp, resulting in beautiful, healthy hair!

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