Oily hair and scalp

Oily hair and scalp?

A variety of causes and conditions may trigger oily scalp issues, such as seborrhea, which is hereditary. The origin is usually to be found in the scalp. Sebaceous glands release too much sebum, an oily substance that protects hair.

Hormonal changes, a diet that is too rich in fat, a lack of vitamins, an intoxication or stress for instance may all cause this hair disorder.

It is also possible to develop oily hair and scalp with age. The build-up of sebum harms the development of new hair strands that will thin over time. It may also be associated with a more serious condition such as hair loss.

An answer for oily hair and scalp?
4 steps for unparalleled results

Ask your Térapo Médik expert for an individualized assesment
He has undergone accredited training in hair health. He will be able to understand your needs and recommend the Térapo Medik treatments and products that are best suited to your hair condition.
Get off to a strong start with a residue on scalp treatment
Designed to rid your scalp and hair of all deposits and impurities, this salon-only treatment works deep down and prepares your scalp to receive the nutrients from your home care, increasing efficiency.
Adopt a proven home care ritual
For a healthy scalp and radiant hair, we recommend the Térapo Médik purifying treatments. They will help to preserve the natural balance of your hair and scalp, without being agressive.
Make an appointment for a follow-up in 30 days
During your follow-up, an in-salon treatment may be suggested if deemed necessary. Specifically designed to address hair problems in depth, this treatment is provided exclusively by your certified Terapo Medik centre.

What can you do about it?

To restore the balance of your hair and scalp, adopt the proven Térapo Médik methods and products that have proven effective for over 40 years.

Your home care ritual

These products from the Térapo Médik range are based on 100% natural active ingredients such as camphor oil, eucalyptus oil and Chinese mint. Their soothing and cooling action has been specifically developed to calm sebaceous glands.

Oily hair and scalp

Use the Térapo Médik Oily scalp shampoo in combination with the Oily scalp lotion.
We recommend alternating with another shampoo form the Térapo or Térapo Médik range.
Please note that your personal home care routine may differ.
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