Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Often necessary in the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy and cranial radiotherapy reduce or stop cellular activity in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Hair falls out a few days after the start of treatment.

The scalp may become sensitive, irritated and dehydrated during treatment. Once those are over, the hair grows back. The hair cycle restarts, but hair that is still fragile is therefore at greater risk of being damaged by treatments such as hair colouring, perming and certain hair products.

The extent of hair loss and the rate at which it grows back varies from person to person. Each treatment and each patient is different.

How to control
The effects of your treatment?

Ask your Térapo Médik expert for an individualized assesment
He has undergone accredited training in hair health. He will be able to understand your needs and recommend the Térapo Medik treatments and products that are best suited to your hair condition.
The well-being home care kit
The activity of the sebaceous glands and papillae that maintain and nourish the follicles decreases as a result of the therapy. The skin and scalp become thin, dry, and the hair eventually falls out. That's why your body needs extra hydration and nutrition from the very beginning of the treatment. The Terapo Medik Well-Being home care kit is specially designed to care for your scalp yourself before, during and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Make an appointment for a follow-up 60 days after your treatments
During this follow-up, it is recommended to have an exclusive hydrating mask treatment. Specifically designed to soothe the side effects of the treatments, this relaxing hair care is provided exclusively by your certified Térapo Médik certified center.

What can you do about it?

Use specially developped products, the Térapo Médik methods and products that have proven effective for over 40 years.

Your home care ritual

These products from the Térapo Médik range are made with 100% natural active ingredients such as calendula oil, hydrolyzed corn starch and an amino acid complex. Their soothing action calms the itching while stimulating the hair follicles and regulating the hair growth cycle.

During treatment

Alternate the Térapo Médik Vitascalp and Hydrascalp shampoos. After shampooing, apply the Térapo Médik Hydrascalp lotion.

One month after treatment

Alternate the Térapo Médik Vitascalp shampoo and Vitascalp lotion to stimulate hair regrowth, and the Térapo Médik Hydrascalp shampoo and Hydrascalp lotion to hydrate the scalp.
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