My hair, my style, my health

Cheveux style et sante

<strong>My hair, my style, my health</strong>

If most of us regularly go to the salon for a shampoo, a haircut and maybe something more colourful, it is essentially for aesthetic reasons. But just like our teeth or eyes, the health of our hair also deserves our attention.

More and more hairdressers and hair specialists are interested not only in the appearance but also in the well-being of the hair and scalp. After all, their work depends on it, and the care they offer you has a direct influence not only on your look, but also on the health of your hair.

A <strong>modern lifestyle</strong> involves increasing risks to the natural balance of the scalp. Pollution, stress and the cosmetic products we use frequently represent all day long aggressions . And when we try to escape this daily life by taking a vacation, we sometimes end up getting too much of the sun, seawater or swimming pool. Definitely more enjoyable, but not for your hair!

There are therefore good reasons why this aspect of our health is increasingly relevant. Although it has been around for more than 100 years, <strong>trichology</strong> is still a relatively unknown science. A little like dermatology, which takes care of the skin, she is interested in diseases and the well-being of our hair system.

The roots of our hair grow in the scalp: each hair is born from the root and falls from the root. The scalp is therefore the fertile ground where our hair looks for the nutrients it needs, and where the trichologist will be able to find all the necessary information. A powerful <strong>microscope</strong> can help him closely examine the condition of the scalp and hair to diagnose the most serious imbalances.

Modern trichology seeks above all <strong>to prevent disease and maintain normal health</strong>. To achieve this, it uses the knowledge of the therapeutic virtues of plant extracts and essential oils. It is not a question of finding miracle cures for problems such as hereditary alopecia. But most hair and scalp problems can be resolved positively with good hair hygiene and appropriate care products.

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