Scalp cells renew on a regular basis. However, some forms of yeast or parasites that damage the scalp may accelerate this renewal process to the point of causing dandruff.

Dry dandruff forms on a mainly dry scalp. They come off easily and hang onto hair and clothes. Oily dandruff leaves larger sticky and yellow scales. They are held into place on the scalp by a layer of sebum.

On top of being unsightly, dandruff may also cause itchiness. It’s important to accurately distinguish between dry and oily dandruff before trying to find a solution.


A consultation with a Térapo MédikTM expert will allow him to make a full assessment. He’ll identify the root cause or causes as well as the most suitable solutions.

To get rid of your dandruff, switch to the Térapo MédikTM products and solutions. They have been proven and tested for more than 40 years.




Controlling your dandruff? It’s possible!

  1. Ask your hair and scalp expert for a personal consultation

    Thanks to a comprehensive questionnaire and an in-depth hair and scalp analysis, he will have a thorough understanding of your needs and he’ll be able to recommend the specific Térapo MédikTM care and products best suited to your hair condition.

  2. Get off to a flying start with a residue on scalp treatment

    This treatment is only available at your salon, and has been developed to rid your hair and scalp of all build-ups and residues. The in-depth action prepares your scalp to absorb all the nutrients of your home care program and to maximise its benefits.

  3. Start a proven home care routine

    For healthy scalp and hair that shines, we recommend the purifying Térapo MédikTM care products. They will protect the natural balance of your hair and scalp without causing harm. They have been proven and tested for more than 40 years.

  4. Make a 30 day follow-up appointment

    During this follow-up, your expert may recommend a back bar treatment. Specifically developed to deal with the root of dandruff issues, this treatment is exclusively provided by your certified Térapo MédikTM centre.

Your home care routine

These products from the Térapo MédikTM range are made with 100% natural ingredients such as wild thyme, Venus-hair fern and Brazilian jujube. Their anti-dandruff action provides in-depth cleansing, calms irritated scalp and soothes itching.

Ask your Térapo MédikMD expert for a personal recommendation.


Alternate the Térapo MédikTM Dry scalp and Dry scales shampoos, in combination with the Dry scalp lotion.


Alternate the Térapo MédikTM Oily scales shampoo and the neutral Hinnol shampoo from the Térapo range, in combination with the Térapo MédikTM Purifying action lotion.