The Térapo MédikTM Experience, 4 steps towards better results:

Our products have proven their worth when it comes to overcome all sorts of hair disorders. But only an individual program customized by your Térapo MédikTM expert will ensure the best results.

1. An individualized assessment

A professional assessment together with a hair and scalp analysis will draw a complete picture of your scalp in order to recommend a customized treatment program.

2. A residue on scalp treatment

This treatment is recommended to start your hair and scalp care program. It will prepare your scalp by removing deposits and residues.

3. The home care program

This program is tailored to your particular needs. Each Térapo MédikTM product, with 100% natural active ingredients, has been specifically developed to look after your scalp.

4. The follow-up

The follow-up with your expert will help him monitor your progress. He will be able to adjust your care program and recommend the appropriate back bar treatment when needed.

Your Trichology trained Térapo MédikTM expert is the architect of your success.
Make an appointment now to restore the natural balance of your scalp.
Answers to your questions instead of apologies, solutions instead of promises.

Hair and scalp


A hair and scalp analysis offers a complete assessment and an analysis of your scalp thanks to an advanced micro camera and the bespoke Térapo MédikTM Edition analysis software, developed in Québec.

The hair and scalp analysis will provide all the relevant information about your habits, your family history and your general health.

Based on this information and our holistic approach, our experts will be in a position to answer your questions and to provide a personalized care program that suits the condition of your hair and scalp.

Residue on

scalp treatment

The residue on scalp treatment is only available at your local salon. The products and methods used by our Térapo MédikTM trained experts offer unrivalled in depth cleaning action. This process will rid your hair and scalp of all accumulated build-ups and residues. This care is especially recommended for all new clients before using any of our home care products. It prepares your scalp and greatly enhances the effectiveness of your program.

Specific back bar


For every hair and scalp disorder, there is a specific back bar treatment. During your follow-up, one of these may be recommended to you. The Térapo MédikTM experience and proven products provide a dedicated answer to the needs of anybody’s scalp.