Professional hairdressers often notice capillary problems. But they rarely identify them, and treat them even less so. This is why we have been striving to train and support professional hairdressers for more than 30 years, creating a gold standard for hair care. Thanks to their training in Trichology, these experts aim to help and support all of their clients coping with hair and scalp ailments.”

– JC Rosa, founder, Laboratoire Nature.

Our range of professional hair care has been specifically developed to treat the scalp.

Based on the principles of Trichology, the Térapo MédikTM Experience will help you identify and treat a number of ailments and infections specific to the scalp and hair. A sound knowledge of these ailments is essential in providing proper scalp and hair care.

Our Commitment

Answers to your questions instead of apologies, and solutions instead of promises.

Our unparalleled hair care program, from the initial consultation to the necessary follow-ups, offers long-term solutions. Our product range, based on 100% natural ingredients, and our Trichology trained experts, benefitting from over 40 years of know-how, help make the Térapo MédikTM Experience a truly unique hair and scalp solution.