If we are often encouraged to monitor the additives that are in our food, there is not yet even for hair care products. And yet, their health also depends on the products you use to wash and care for.

The lists of ingredients, often long despite the small size of the text, sometimes hide less desirable than others. Here are the ones you are most likely to encounter.

Sulfates are cleaning agents. Their physical properties allow them to remove dirt. They are found in all the products that make the foam, such as gels for the body and face, and of course shampoos. The best known are the sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SDS). Unfortunately, these sulfates have the disadvantage of attack by stripping the scalp. It will then produce too much sebum, the natural oil that stimulates and protects hair. They also dry out the tips and wash out the colors.

Silicones, they are among the conditioners and are derived from petroleum. Synthetic polymers, because they are composed of many cells, they form an envelope around the hair to protect them. But under the silicone layer, the hair is not repaired, they become more dry and brittle, and moisturizing products can not reach them. Designed to attach to hair, silicones are difficult to remove. With time they will accumulate and weigh down your hair. Shampoos best able to remove these residues are those that contain the most aggressive sulfates, and therefore will also attack and unbalance the scalp. Parabens are petrochemical preservatives. Even if they do not affect the hair, they are believed to alter the hormonal system and can cause all kinds of growth disorders, developmental, behavioral, or sleep for example. Little or no degradable, they accumulate in the body and in the environment.

Frothing (emulsifier), clean (solvent) or shine, sometimes using PEG, or polyethylene glycol. It may be contaminated with carcinogens, and especially it increases the permeability of the skin to other harmful ingredients. These products can be produced in commercial quantities at very low cost. For cons, the manufacturing process is often polluting, and after washing or rinsing, they will find themselves in rivers, groundwater and soil. And the industry is constantly developing new additives to replace them, but whose effects are not yet known.

But there are natural alternatives that treat the scalp and hair gently and thoroughly. And their manufacturing process is neither risk nor pollutant. So is that all these ingredients are really necessary? What is clear is that the alternatives are there!

Quality and quantity
The product ranges Terapo Médik, based on natural ingredients, used to take care of hair and scalp without leaving harmful residues. They owe their effectiveness to their active ingredients are 100% natural. For it is not only the high quality of the ingredients, but also their high concentration Terapo Médik differentiates from other hair solutions.