Become a partner

If you work in hair care, beauty care or in a hair care centre, join us and become a partner to take advantage of all the Térapo MédikTM benefits for you and your customers.

Attending one of our seminars is not only a pre-requisite but also a must if you wish to:

  • become a partner and a reference in the industry;
  • assist your customers with their scalp and hair problems
  • answer their questions on the health of their hair;
  • have real solutions at hand for common issues
  • offer a range of products made in Quebec and 100% natural.

Térapo MédikTM is the hair and scalp care for you!

100% exclusive to our partner salons and hair health centres
Not available in pharmacies, discount stores or big-box stores.

Our Trichology training will teach you the necessary skills to use the Térapo MédikTM range successfully:

  • Identify scalp and hair ailments and infections
  • Recommend customized hair care
  • Understand the properties and uses of the different products
  • Master the technology and methodology at the core of the Térapo MédikTM Experience

You too will be able to claim: Answers to your questions instead of apologies, and solutions instead of promises.

To find out more about our training, contact us or join us on the Laboratoire Nature website.

Térapo MédikTM is a registered trademark of Laboratoire Nature.